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06/01/21 01:00 AM #678    


Elizabeth Baucom (Cunning)

Oh, that's a perfect song, not only for the '70's, but a song that has continued to be relevant.  Thanks for the follow-up.


07/03/21 11:10 AM #679    


Grant Hitt

Happy 4th y'all...

12/15/21 12:16 PM #680    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

I know I have probably missed some birthdays this month. For those that I missed, hope you had a wonderful time, and I wish you many more! I also hope the upcoming holidays are all everyone wants them to be! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Love all of you! Ig

12/21/21 05:03 PM #681    


Patricia Robertson (McHaffie)

Hello to all my classmates...

just wanted to wish each and everyone of our classmates a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022

Hoping we will get to meet in May for our class reunion in Bell Buckle but until then hoping everyone stays well and enjoys life as it is.

Love to all

12/22/21 09:41 AM #682    


Pat Boyce (Harris)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I pray for better days ahead. Love yall Pat

12/23/21 12:15 PM #683    


Mike Wells

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all classmates and their families!!!

02/05/22 11:42 AM #684    


Stephen Burks

Sad to hear the 51st reunion has been canceled.  Jan said in his announcement it was canceled due to lack of expected participation, which did not meet the minimum for the venue.  The classmates site said it was canceled due to virus concerns.  Either way, it is disappointing.  Hope all have a great 2022.

02/05/22 02:37 PM #685    


Lisa McGill (Miller)

I was looking forward to seeing my classmates, but "at our age" I guess we should be a little more cautious.  It will just be that much better when we see each other next time. Right?  Best to all. Lisa



02/05/22 04:29 PM #686    


Jeanie Wilson

We can try again next year! Everyone stay well!

02/06/22 05:16 AM #687    


Bobby Prince

guess I am part of the problem = didn't vote (but didn't know about the poll - my fault)

was planning on coming for the record

anyway stay safe everyone

02/06/22 03:23 PM #688    


Jane Eblen (Thomas)

Thank you Jan for going above and beyond in trying to get our reunion off and running...a number of times now actually!  Please know, it is very much appreciated.  Not gonna lie, but it is disappointing we won't be getting together because I do so enjoy seeing everyone and catching up.  Hopefully we can attempt to reschedule again at a later date. All my Best!

02/06/22 04:23 PM #689    

Jim Seigneur

Very disappointed about the cancellation. I didn't see anything about a poll. Or maybe these old eyes missed it. Drat either way.

02/07/22 07:56 AM #690    


Keith Locke

I just wanted to give a big Amen to what Jane said.  All of Jan's effort and time is greatly appreciated.  Sorry things didn't work out.

02/07/22 06:34 PM #691    


Joe Holloway

I will vote a "me, too" on being a bit disappointed about the cancellation. I had plans to come, as well. Next time.  Do trust all will remain healthy so we can gather again. Blessings to all, Joe.

03/02/22 07:30 AM #692    


Jan Phillips

We are asking that all of our classmates keep Patricia Roberston McHaffie and Phil in your thoughts and prayers. Patricia's health is declining. She is at home with hospice care and around-the-clock care by Phil. Her email address is If you would like to send her a card her address is 426 Lewis Avenue Shelbyville, Tennessee 37160

If you would like to visit please call Phil ahead of time at 931-684-5566 or 931-619-7619.

03/02/22 02:19 PM #693    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

I do so hate to hear the news about the decline in Pat's health. She has had such a hard time of it for so long. I will most certainly be praying for her & Phil. 

03/03/22 09:19 AM #694    


Jeanie Wilson

Very sad news... thank you, Jan for keeping informed. 🙏🏻

03/03/22 09:40 AM #695    


Jane Eblen (Thomas)

Patricia has always radiated such positivity on FB so yes it is quite sad...continuous thoughts and prayers being sent her way.

03/03/22 07:38 PM #696    


Grant Hitt

I so hate to hear this...praying for her...and Moose too.

03/15/22 09:47 AM #697    


Jan Phillips

I just talked with Phil McHaffie this morning. He wanted me to let the class know that Patricia is incoherent and in her final days. Hospice has discontinued fluids and has increased her pain medication. Please keep Phil and Patricia in your thoughts and prayers. 

03/16/22 02:39 PM #698    


Jane Eblen (Thomas)


Thanks so much for the update on Patricia.  It is so heartbreaking and will continue to keep her and Phil in my prayers for support and comfort.

03/17/22 06:30 AM #699    


Lisa McGill (Miller)

I'm sad about Patricia in many ways.  She would often text or send me a personal message to keep me informed about things or people in Shelbyville. She had such a sweet and kind heart. I know she will be missed. I imagine Phil will be lost without her. My prayers go out to him. 

03/17/22 07:32 AM #700    


Jeanie Wilson

Rest In Peace Patricia, you have earned your reward. Praying for Phil🙏🏻

03/17/22 11:15 AM #701    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Bless her sweet heart, she certainly has earned her reward. I am glad that she will suffer no more, but I will really miss her sweet spirit.

03/17/22 09:55 PM #702    


Pat Boyce (Harris)

I am so sorry about Pat's passing. She always was so happy and upbeat. She is at peace now. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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