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08/07/20 12:25 AM #655    


Grant Hitt

I meant to get this posted earlier so that it would post on August 6...11 years ago (August 6, 2009) I was a pall bearer for one of our classmates and one of the best friends of my life...Jerry Stallings...we laid him to rest on what would have been his 56th birthday. I still think of him often.

Rest on ol' friend...

08/07/20 05:29 AM #656    


Bobby Prince

yep, good guy

08/07/20 07:51 AM #657    


Jane Eblen (Thomas)

Yes Grant, Jerry was such a good guy and a trusted friend to me while in Knoxville at UT.  We had such fun and a wonderful Shelbyville bunch in Morrill Hall.  Good times and it was a heartbreaking loss especially losing someone so young!  

08/07/20 08:25 AM #658    


Keith Locke

As fine a person as you would want to know and meet.  

08/07/20 09:54 AM #659    


Jeanie Wilson

We sat across from each other in most classes.  He was always the same great guy. RIP

08/07/20 04:51 PM #660    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

...and his leaving us is just as painful right now, as it was then.

12/24/20 03:05 PM #661    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

As this year comes to a close, I have sincere wishes for my classmates.For those who have had serious health challenges this year, I pray The Lord will bring you to a full recovery. For those who have lost dear friends and loved ones, I pray you will find comfort in those who still surround you, and in the good memories you have. For those who have struggled financially this year, I pray you will find relief and recovery in those matters as well. I sincerely hope the new year will bring as many of us together again as possible, soon, and frequently. I love all of you, and wish you a very special  holiday season! Merry Christmas, and thank you for being my friends!      Ig

12/25/20 10:33 PM #662    


Pat Boyce (Harris)

I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and pray that we find peace during 2021. This year has been very difficult for everybody. Pat

12/27/20 07:17 AM #663    


Patricia Robertson (McHaffie)


As the year of 2020 comes to an end I would just like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year for 2021 and hoping if this Pandemic stuff calms down we will be able to have our 50th class reunion and get together..I know that even though not all of us stay in touch that 2020 has been a difficult year, possibly financially, health wise, deaths of friends and family and then along with the stress of everything the Pandemic has brought about for our country. As many of you know I have been dealing with cancer this year. My last report showed that I am in remission since having 6 months of chemo so today I am praising my LORD for bringing me this far and thanking you all for all the prayers and cards that were said or sent on my behalf. Hopefully the year 2021 will be better for all of us... if you are partying for the New Year..stay safe and healthy...HAPPY NEW YEAR! ! ! ! ! ! ! Love Patrícia Robertson McHaffie 






02/10/21 01:41 PM #664    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Happy Birthday to all who had one during January, and February so far. Hope all of you are doing well, and had a birthday that was all you wanted it to be!

04/07/21 11:04 AM #665    


Jan Phillips

We have received information regarding two of our classmates. Judy Tillett Young and Barbara Tillett Cooke are both having some serious health issues. Please keep these two in your thoughts and prayers. 

04/08/21 08:58 AM #666    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Really sorry to hear that. Jan, do you know any details?

04/25/21 06:58 AM #667    


Christel Walls (Preston)

I hate to hear this about Judy. I only meet her in high school but she would always speak to me in the hallways. Most of the well to do students were not that friendly but she was nice to me. Since I live in Florida now I don't see any of my classmates but when I visited in Tennessee I would see Judy out in public and she was always nice to me when others was stuck up.I would see her at horse show and we would chat a little. God bless her family we lost a great lady.

05/25/21 04:11 PM #668    


Jane Eblen (Thomas)

Thanks Jan for the reminder of our approaching 1971 Graduation Anniversary. 

What you've done with the page "in Memory" is awesome..  There are too many good friends on that list that I shall always miss but hold them near and dear to my heart forever.  Great memories!

05/26/21 02:48 PM #669    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Who would have dreamed that night that things would turn out the way they have for all of us? This website has given me a second chance to get to know some people I didn't know at all, and a chance to get to know others better. I would not take anything for that, so thank you Speedy & Jan! I am so looking forward to our next reunion, and sincerely hope as many of you as possibly can will be there!

05/26/21 05:12 PM #670    


Lisa McGill (Miller)

I agree with everything Iggy said. Thanks and I enjoy keeping in touch ! 


05/27/21 07:23 AM #671    


Keith Locke

Ditto on all of the above comments.  I wonder if any of us are exactly where we thought we would be 50 years ago.  I'm just thankful God's plan works better than mine.  I saw a church sign last week that said" Write your life's plan in pencil and give God the eraser."  I think that sums it up.  And thanks Speedy and Jan for all of your time and effort.  Hope everyone has a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!

05/28/21 05:53 PM #672    


Keith Locke

Just a quick message if anyone gets this.  Tonight around 9:45 to 10 Central, if you get Sirius XM radio, tune in to Shotgun Tom on 60's on 6.  He will be playing a special dedication to the SCHS class of 71

05/28/21 07:05 PM #673    


Grant Hitt

Thanks for the heads-up Keith!!!

05/28/21 10:15 PM #674    


Grant Hitt

Thank you for doing that Keith...the message he read was well said and very thoughtful...a notable night for the SCHS Class of '71!!

Hope as many as possible got to hear it.

Thanks again my good friend.



05/29/21 10:05 AM #675    


Mike Phillips

Joyce and I listened to the show on Sirius XM last night.Thanks, Keith, for getting the tribute on the air! It was pretty cool and a perfect song! Thanks also to Jan and Mike for rounding us up! This website has been such a blessing in helping us stay in touch and being aware when one of our classmates has passed.  Really looking forward to the reunion next year!




05/30/21 02:27 PM #676    


Elizabeth Baucom (Cunning)

Hey, Mike ~  Just curious, what was the song played on the radio as a tribute to the graduating Class of '71?  I had to look back to see what was Billboard's #1 song on the charts in 1971 and it was "Joy to the World" by Three Dog Night.  Our growing up and high school years had really good singable songs - right?!!

05/30/21 04:08 PM #677    


Grant Hitt

Elizabeth, it was Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Hope y'all are well and have stayed safe through all of the Covid happenings...

Take care!!

06/01/21 01:00 AM #678    


Elizabeth Baucom (Cunning)

Oh, that's a perfect song, not only for the '70's, but a song that has continued to be relevant.  Thanks for the follow-up.


07/03/21 11:10 AM #679    


Grant Hitt

Happy 4th y'all...

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