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05/28/18 04:46 PM #600    


Grant Hitt

Maybe Martha McCallie and Elizabeth Caperton?

05/28/18 05:15 PM #601    


Lisa McGill (Miller)

I agree


05/29/18 08:40 AM #602    


Elizabeth Caperton

Yes! That's me and Martha!

06/16/18 07:21 AM #603    


Patricia Robertson (McHaffie)

My heartfelt condolences go out to our own Martha McCallie Helton in the loss of her loving husband Tony.. my thoughts and prayers go with her as she goes through this part of her journey and I pray she will find comfort in knowing he is in a much better place and that he is no longer suffering and is at peace. May you REST IN PEACE, Tony Helton.


07/03/18 05:25 PM #604    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable July 4th.  Take care!  Ig

07/28/18 08:50 AM #605    


Grant Hitt

Heads up y'all...

Counting the rest of have 150 shopping days left 'til Christmassmiley

That is all...


You're welcome blush

07/28/18 08:53 AM #606    


Grant Hitt

Congratulations to Tennessee's Police Chief of the Year...that's quite an honor Jan.

So happy for you...and proud for you too!!



07/30/18 10:11 AM #607    


Keith Locke

Yeah, what Grant said.  Jan and his department do a Great job and we are very proud of you!  Glad that all the hard work was noticed.

07/30/18 10:19 AM #608    

Jim Seigneur

Wow!  Congratulations, Jan!  Very impressive!

07/31/18 08:32 AM #609    


Elizabeth Caperton

Congratulations, Jan!


08/03/18 11:09 AM #610    


Jan Phillips

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and comments. I was truly humbled by this unexpected award.

I hope everyone is doing well.


10/04/18 01:05 PM #611    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Hope everyone is doing well. Please everyone include our friend and classmate, Carlene Brown, in your prayers. It is my understanding she is having some serious health issues. Please pray for her complete recovery, and for her family.

11/14/18 01:22 PM #612    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Want to wish everyone a safe & wonderful Thanksgiving, & tell you all how thankful I am to know you. As time goes on all of you mean more & more to me. Wouldn't  trade my time with you guys from Central Elementary/Junior High nor having  been a part of the Class of 1971 for anything! Love all of you!  Debbie

11/15/18 06:49 AM #613    


Mike Wells

Well said, Debbie!!!

11/15/18 08:40 AM #614    


Keith Locke

As we all start to reach this point in our lives, we can certainly see how true your words are Debbie.  Ditto on the Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the memories!!!

11/15/18 10:01 AM #615    


Jane Eblen (Thomas)

I, too, would like to extend my wishes to everyone for a Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season !  Thank you Debbie for getting the ball rolling. 

Having just returned from my husband's 50th high school reunion in Florida which consisted of a class of 800+, I realized how wonderful it was our 1971 class was a bit smaller.  We REALLY knew just about EVERYONE at CHS which makes our reunions so much more special!

All my Best to Everyone for a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed year's end! 

Hugs to All!




11/15/18 02:18 PM #616    


Jeanie Wilson

At this age & stage of our lives we have all had our share experiences. I believe that the time and environment we grew up in played a huge role in how we managed those experiences. I am blessed as a result. Also, blessed to have grown up with y’all. 

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families.



11/15/18 03:36 PM #617    


Lisa McGill (Miller)

Ditto!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts because I have always felt I lived in "Mayberry" and I began to wonder if I just lived in la la lnad and just imagined it.  I am blessed to have lived in Shelbyville because of the people and so glad I graduated in the class of '71.  Thankful for you!

11/15/18 04:38 PM #618    


Jeanie Wilson

It was Mayberry🤗.  I always said I had a Leave it to Beaver upbringing. I am thankful for you!


11/19/18 04:32 AM #619    


Patricia Robertson (McHaffie)

Thought I was going to be ahead of the game before the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving begins but I see some of you have beat me to this.

I just wanted to wish everyone  very Happy Thanksgiving and if you are traveling   please do be safe and have a good holiday but a happy return home.

I can also chime in on the conversations of living in a small town. Around Halloween and the holiday season I really ponder on how everyone knew everyone in the neighborhoods and even on streets over from where you lived because we all went to school together or church together and some of us had older brothers or sisters that we knew so therefore we’re knew other class ages. Kids now days do not have this privilege.

I am so thankful this year at Thanksgiving to have known all of my fellow classmates and cherish the friendships and bond that we have had through all these years and I do hope will we all continue to be close and keep in touch for several more years to come.

12/04/18 01:16 PM #620    


Grant Hitt

Counting the rest of today...there's 21 shopping days left smiley

Inside 20 is panic time indecision

12/07/18 05:19 PM #621    


Debbie Moore (Griffy)

Hope everybody is getting into the Christmas spirit! There's nothing quite like it!

12/11/18 08:45 AM #622    


Keith Locke

Just wanted to let anyone who might be in the area know, you might want to drive by the old high school.  Whoever bought it has taken all the plywood off of the windows and there are two Christmas trees by the front door.  The old building actually looks like it has some life in it again.  And while I'm here I'll just go ahead and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  Seems like life is always trying to knock us down, but now above all times we can focus on what we all have been blessed with.  It is easy to get down at Christmas, but I hope everyone stays positive, like Debbie said, and stays in that CHRISTMAS spirt.   Best wishes to all and to all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

12/11/18 02:51 PM #623    


Jan Phillips

Gary King purchased the Old Central High School. He is restoring the building. It is rumored that he may move the museum that his father, Fire Chief Garland King, started into the CHS building.

12/11/18 06:21 PM #624    


Pat Boyce (Harris)

sorry to hear of Ethel McCallie's passing. Prayers for Martha and the family.

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